I Drank for Miles…

The goal is simple: To run at least one mile and drink at least one beer, every day, for one full year.

Ready, set, GO.

Today (03/27/2012) is my 28th birthday, and I need something to do this year. Last year, I devised a mission to run 28 races before my 28th birthday, and maintained an infrequently-updated WordPress blog to document my travels and experiences. 32 races in 364 days later (it really should have been 33 races, but I slept through through the start of my final race, so whatever), I can say without reservation that my 28th year was a success. I could even argue that this goal turned my life around…while I feel it would be harsh to categorize my first 27 years as “drifting aimlessly,” the 28-race goal really helped me focus my efforts into something positive. I lost 15 lbs, dropped down a couple belt loops as well, and I’m now faster than I’ve been since high school. The name of my old blog, “Anti-Running”, became a complete misnomer — while I first looked at running as nothing more than a necessary evil, I’ve begrudgingly welcomed running as an essential part of my life.

However, I now find myself in need of a new goal. Therefore, 2012-13 will be a year of running and drinking.

I will offer in advance that I’m not the first guy to try and run a mile every day. Hell, I’m not even the first guy to think about running a mile and drinking a beer every day for a year. And if we’re being completely honest with each other, I probably won’t be the most entertaining guy to write about running and drinking, either. This is bumming me out. Let’s move on.

Running a mile and drinking a beer, every day for a year. In theory, it shouldn’t be difficult– conservatively, that’s a combined 15 minutes out of my day, tops. If I felt like sprinting and chugging, then I could knock it out in 7-8 minutes. What I like about this goal is that it combines two of my relative strengths, running and drinking, with one of my most glaring weaknesses; namely, a lack of any semblance of organizational structure in my personal life.

To keep me honest, I’ve registered accounts with a couple outside websites that will help keep record of both my running and my drinking:

  • The Daily Mile (Username: idrankformiles) — This is where I will be uploading all of my workout/mileage data from my runs. It’s already been pointed out to me that I can just make shit up and log it, but I promise that I won’t pull that move.
  • Untappd (Username: idrankformiles) — Untappd is a new kind of social media drinking app, which the creators describe as “a new way to socially share and explore the world of beer with your friends and the world.” I plan to log at least one beer on this site every day.


I have to throw down some ground rules — perhaps a better term would be I have a few intentions for how I will be updating this blog:

  • THERE WILL BE DAILY UPDATES: The main failing of my Anti-Running blog was the lack of updates — once I fell behind on a race recap, the races tended to snowball on top of one another, and then all of a sudden I found myself 6-7 recaps behind and hopelessly adrift. Since I’ll be running/drinking daily, then I should be able to update more or less daily, right? Right.
    • IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: When I’m gone on an extended trip, like a hiking trip in the mountains that I have planned for July, then updates will come as soon as I’m back at a computer. Yes, this seems completely logical, but I’m getting this out of the way now so that nobody calls bullshit on me 5 months down the road.
  • THE LAST DAY OF EVERY MONTH WILL BE “OUTDOOR SPEED DAY”: On the last day of every month, I intend to run the fastest outdoor mile that I possibly can, and then I will chug a beer on our back porch as fast as I possibly can. Hopefully, these times will improve as the year goes on.
  • I WILL DEDICATE AS MUCH SPACE TO THE DRINKING AS I WILL TO THE RUNNING: Jogging a mile to the lake and back is boring. Craft beer is never not awesome.
  • INJURIES AREN’T AN EXCUSE, BUT I GUESS WALKING IS OKAY: Shin splints? Whatever, I’ll jog at a 15:00/mile pace. If my notoriously fickle back decides to act up, then I can still walk…it’ll just take a little longer. No “rest days”, no excuses.
  • IF MY STREAK ENDS, THIS BLOG ENDS: No warning, no exceptions. It’s all or nothing.

As far as initial thoughts go, I think that just about covers it. I can’t say right now if I’ll make it a week or a year, but now that I’ve gone public with my intentions, it really wouldn’t be a good look if I wimped out after a couple weeks.

Let’s do this.

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