1 down, 364 to go

Well, we’re off to a flying start– I didn’t fail right out of the blocks, and on March 27th, 2012, I ran a mile and then drank a beer. Unlike last year, I didn’t have much of an interest in going hard on my birthday this time around, so a mile and a beer sufficed.

Since this day’s combined process of running/drinking took less than 20 minutes combined, I’ll be up-front in saying that I don’t intend to spend any more than that writing this recap.


The first run of my journey, a loop around Wrigley Field-- click to enlarge

I learned something useful on this run, something that will likely come in handy time and again throughout the course of this next year. When I started my run, I left my apartment and decided that I would run toward Wrigley Field; it was a warm night, and I was curious to see if there were any crews working on parts of the stadium (it turns out there there were). I ran up Sheffield, turned left on Waveland to run along the left outfield wall, then turned left on Clark, then finally turned left on Addison to complete my loop around the stadium. As I arrived at the doorstep of my apartment building, my Garmin read 1.08 miles — the Wrigley Field loop was just over my minimum required daily distance.

I have a feeling that the Wrigley Loop will have a part to play over the next 364 days.


Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Not wanting to start this challenge with something as meek as a 12-oz. PBR, I drank a 22-oz. bottle of Hop Stoopid, which is an 8% ABV Double-IPA offering from Lagunitas Brewing Company. As the name implies, this beer is hopped to high hell, but it’s pretty tasty. 1,597 reviews on Beer Advocate rate it a 93, which is “Exceptional,” according to BA’s rating system. It pours a slightly-hazed bronze color with an impressive head, and the nose greets you with a slightly sweetish/citrus-tinged aroma. The taste is hops, hops, and more hops; it’s enough to knock you off your stool, but yet the beer somehow remains superbly balanced overall. It’s basically a hop bomb with a bitter finish, but once the initial bitterness fades, a slightly sweet aftertaste lingers. It’s surprisingly drinkable, and while it’s not my favorite, I would happily drink a glass of this if one were ever to be placed in front of me.


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