March 28th, 2012– 2.52 miles / Rolling Rock

Two days in a row! This is easy.

THE RUN — 2.52 miles in 20:11 (08:00/mile pace overall)

3/28 running loop -- click to enlarge!

I felt great on this day’s run, and ideally I would have liked to extend it for another few miles; however, I’d previously arranged to meet a co-worker and my roommate at a bar for some $2 drafts and dollar tacos, and frankly that sounded like more fun. I think I could have gone 5 or 6 miles at my 08:00/mile pace without issue, but I turned around at Diversey once I glanced at my watch and realized that I needed to go home if I was to shower and make it to the bar by the prearranged hour.

THE BEER — Rolling Rock (between 4-5 of them)

I’ll be honest — I think the last time I had more than 2 Rolling Rocks in one sitting, I may have been in high school. However, Rock-N-Taco Wednesday at Justin’s bar in Chicago is a tough deal to beat: $1 tacos and $2 cans of classic Rolling Rock Extra Pale lager. So, I drank Rolling Rock, and I drank cheaply. The total food/drink tab for four people, after 10 generously-proportioned tacos and far more Rolling Rocks than we were billed for, was a mere $35. I see you, Justin’s. I see you.

That being said, I refuse to write an in-depth review of Rolling Rock. It is what it is. Rolling Rock’s two best qualities are that it is cheap, and also that it was my best friend’s father’s beer of choice growing up, so we were always able to sneak a few from the garage. ‘Nuff said.

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