Day #6 — Sunday, April 1st, 2012

THE RUN — 1.11 miles in 09:14 (08:18/mile pace)

The raucous scene at the Chicago Beer Festival the night before

As much as I like to bag on running for being boring, or for not requiring any discernible skills other than a minimum level of fitness, I will say this — running is fantastic for killing hangovers. The night before April 1st, some friends and I went to the Chicago Beer Festival at Union Station, which is a collection of 40+ craft brewers under one roof. For $40, each attendee is handed a small glass and given the freedom to sample as many beers as possible for the next 3 hours. I tried to keep as accurate a listing as possible of all the beers I sampled on my Untapped page, and in the end I counted that I sampled 30+ beers. Of the beers that I really enjoyed, I went back for second and sometimes third helpings, and the night went downhill fast. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, but if you give me unlimited access to delicious heavyweights like Delirium Tremens (8.5%) and MKE Brewing Company’s Oh Gii Wit (10%), I’m going to take advantage of that.

A little post-hangover refresher

So I woke up Sunday morning very early in a familiar position — asleep on my couch in the living room. With the Tottenham Hotspur game (my favorite English soccer team) set to kick off shortly, I laced up my running shoes and dragged my ass outside to run my now-familiar Wrigley mile loop. To my surprise, I felt surprisingly good by the time the run was over. It was as if by just running a mile, I released all the toxins from my system, and I felt very refreshed when I returned to settle in to watch my beloved Tottenham battle Swansea.

THE BEER — Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Boont ESB, followed by Coors Light 40s

Beer and soccer in the morning-- cheers

Upon my return, I propped myself on the couch and settled in with a Boont ESB ale, which is a nod to traditional English bitters. This was the same beer that I had unfortunately been “forced” to chug during the previous day’s OUTDOOR SPEED DAY shenanigans, and so I was looking forward to drinking it in a more relaxed environment. To my delight, the beer is pretty good– Anderson Valley cheekily claims that the ESB standard for “Extra Special Beer” rather than the traditional “Extra Special Bitter” acronym, and they’ve done a serviceable job in creating a rather drinkable bitter-style beer. Full on flavor and hops, but without being overpoweringly so, it strikes a nice balance and is in some ways more toasty than it is bitter. This is definitely a beer that I’ve earmarked for future consumption, and at $9.99 for a 6-pack at my local Binny’s, it’s not prohibitively expensive.

At $5 for a 40-oz beer, it's almost cheaper than buying it from a local 7-11. I realized after taking this picture that I was also able to capture a little bit of cleavage behind my beer, so you're welcome for that.

The next part is where things went downhill in a hurry (again). I’d told myself that I wouldn’t be going back to Houndstooth this day, since I’d just come off of a fairly aggressive Thursday/Friday/Saturday drinking streak, but when my friend Nada sent me a text that her and her girls would be going to the ‘Tooth, well…I mean, it’s literally right across the street from me. I told myself that I would go over there for ONE 40-oz beer, which is always how it starts. Several 40s later, I was forced to hang up my drinking boots for the weekend as a matter of self-preservation. The ‘Tooth won again…it always does.

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