Day #8– Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

THE RUN – 1.13 miles in 09:57.5 (08:47/mile pace)

Another Wrigley loop

I got home pretty late from the office this evening, which only left time for a short Wrigley Loop before I collapsed in an exhausted heap on my couch. I didn’t start my run until sometime after 8pm, and I kept it short and sweet—1.13 miles in a shade under 10 minutes. The highlight of my run came as I passed the Northwest-most entrance of Wrigley Field, where the gates have often been open as vendors have been shuttling in and out of the stadium in preparation for the Cubs’ home opener. An elderly gentleman emerged from the entrance, decked head-to-toe in Cubbie blue, and he offered me a kind word of encouragement as I jogged past. I gave him a fist-pump and yelled, “Go Cubs Go!” and as I trailed away, I could hear his words hanging in the breeze: “This is the year!” Optimism really does kick ass sometimes.

THE BEER – Anderson Brewing Company Boont ESB

I’ve written about this beer before, so there is no point in re-hashing tasting notes…at this point, I just have to polish off the 6-pack. I drank another Anderson Brewing Company Boont ESB this day, and I like this beer.

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