Day #9– Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

THE RUN – 3.30 miles in 26:07 (07:55/mile pace)

Inaugural run with my new Motorola MOTOACTV

With plans to do some grilling out on our apartment patio after work, I decided that it would be the most efficient use of my time to go running during my lunch break. This run would also be my first run with a brand-spanking-new Motorola MOTOACTV, which is a Garmin-like run-tracking device that Motorola had sent to me for free to test and demo. I wasn’t really sure of which route I would take, only that I wanted to be out for about a half-hour to put the MOTOACTV through its paces.

I will write up a detailed review of the MOTOACTV at a later date, but it more than held its own. The satellites used by my Motorola device acquired my position in noticeably less time than normally required by my Garmin, and a post-run viewing of my data confirmed that it probably kept record of my GPS positioning a little more accurately, as well; in looking at the data, I could actually tell which side of the street that I was running on. As you can see from the MOTOACTV-generated map of my run, I ran what is essentially a 3-mile closed loop, with a little extra distance through in at the beginning/end of my run as I ran out to/from Western Ave. With my half-marathon in Tennessee coming up in only 3 days, it was my plan to take this run a bit easier than I might otherwise run, but in fact the opposite happened—I felt really good, and my whole “easy run” ended up coming in at a sub-08:00/mile pace. That may not be considered ‘fast’ for some, but that’s a noticeably quicker pace than a typical easy run that I take in the week leading up to a race. But, I felt good and I didn’t notice any soreness or stiffness in my legs, so this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

THE BEER – Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale (in a can!)

312 in a can y'all

My roommate Mike LOVES to barbeque, and Mike had designated this particular Wednesday as a grilling day. We’ve had an unseasonably mild late-winter in Chicago this year, and temperatures have been at a consistently nice-enough level where we’ve decided that it’s officially Grilling Season. For my roommate Cash and a co-worker of mine that was planning on joining us, I picked up some specialty burger patties & chicken breasts from Whole Foods, and on my way home I realized that I didn’t have enough beer to satiate the needs of our anticipated guests. I stopped at a 7-11 on the way home with the intention of picking up between 12-24 beers, and then I saw it: a 12-pack of Goose Island 312 cans. I hadn’t seen any Goose Island beer variety offered in can format up to this point, so my decision was more or less made for me, and I picked up a 12-pack to see how the taste held up.

I’m pleased to report that in addition to sporting an amazing-looking can design (I’m serious, look at that can again—it’s GLORIOUS), I did not notice any departure in taste from the canned version of 312 when compared to its traditional bottled version. The only disappointment was the actual packaging of the 12-pack; the cardboard making up the handle was too flimsy and the glue didn’t hold the case together well at all, so it was a bit of a challenge getting the 12-pack home to my apartment in one piece. The cost of the canned version of this 12-pack is actually the same as the cost of 312’s bottled version, but I have to applaud Goose Island for the novelty of the idea, as well as for saving me some much-needed ‘fridge space by condensing these 144 ounces of deliciousness into a smaller overall packaged volume. I see you, Goose Island.

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