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Day #83 — the Warrior Dash mud run (Channahon, IL — 6/17/2012)

I have had this conversation more than once, but there are officially too many “adventure race” series to keep track of. While the Warrior Dash and the Tough Mudder have carved out a niche as the bellweathers by which other … Continue reading

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Day #82, Part Two — the Late Night 6 Glo Run (Chicago, IL — 6/16/2012)

I’m not exactly proud of what I did, but much like skydiving, redheads, and turducken, it was something that I think everyone should try at least once. I ran a race drunk. BACKGROUND The Late Night 6(K) Glo Run was … Continue reading

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Day #82, Part One — the Steamboat Classic 15K (Peoria, IL — 6/16/2012)

It is 4:55pm CST on June 16th as I (start to) write this entry, and I have already run one race today, a grueling 15K in Peoria that took place 3 hours south of Chicago. I am exhausted as I … Continue reading

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Day #76 — A Day of Milestones (06/10/2012)

Much like the recently ballyhooed Transit of Venus, this past Sunday saw another coming-together of events that will likely not occur for at least another 105 years. On June 10th, I ran my 200th mile and drank my 100th (unique) … Continue reading

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Day #69 — the United Run for the Zoo 5K (Chicago, IL — 6/3/2012)

I don’t normally get race anxiety, but as I toed the starting line, I couldn’t wait for this one to be over. The United Run for the Zoo 5K/10K is one of my favorite races of any distance in Chicago, … Continue reading

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Day #66 — OUTDOOR SPEED DAY (Chicago, IL — 5/31/2012)

Cold-ish temperatures, rain, and some gnarly shins splints, all convergin just 5 days after running a full marathon? Sounds like a great day for an OUTDOOR SPEED DAY! THE RUN — 3.57 miles in 29:48 (Fastest Mile — 06:00 flat) … Continue reading

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