Day #66 — OUTDOOR SPEED DAY (Chicago, IL — 5/31/2012)

Cold-ish temperatures, rain, and some gnarly shins splints, all convergin just 5 days after running a full marathon? Sounds like a great day for an OUTDOOR SPEED DAY!

THE RUN — 3.57 miles in 29:48 (Fastest Mile — 06:00 flat)

BOOOOOOOOOO to rain on a speed day

I won’t even try to downplay this bit, lest my fake humility makes me come off a like a total asshole instead of just someone who is just a little too pleased with himself — this has been a fast week for me. After setting a new PR in the marathon distance by 27 minutes during the Bayshore Marathon earlier in the week, I laced up the shoes again 5 days later to do a speed mile outdoors. My desire to run this day was very, very low — I’d had a long day at work, my legs felt heavy, and it was raining. The day before this OUTDOOR SPEED DAY, I started feeling the early signs of shin splints toward the end of my very brief run on Wednesday, and so I wasn’t relishing the prospect of running myself to the point of exhaustion again. But the show must go on, and so I dutifully ran from my apartment toward the lakeshore path in steady rain, ready to throw down whatever I could.

New fastest mile — suck it, Nature.

The screen shot from my phone that I captured right before my run shows “light rain”, but that changed to to “obnoxiously legitimate rain” by the time I reached Lake Michigan. 50-degree weather is normally fantastic for running, but not so much when you’re soaking wet as well. Upon reaching the path, I decided that I would run from north to south, to take advantage of a nominal tailwind coming in off the lake. Once my watch hit the 0.95-mile mark, I was off and running with a marked acceleration.

The silver lining of this crappy weather was that I was virtually the only runner out on the path, so there weren’t really any other runners for me to dodge or weave around. I started my fast mile strong, maintaining a sub-06:00/mile pace for the first half-mile or so, but I lagged toward the very end of the mile as I just ran out of gas (thanks, marathon). Still, I finished quick enough to set an unexpected new benchmark for the mile distance; while my 2nd mile of the run was 06:09, my MOTOACTV device clocked me at 06:00 flat between miles 1.98-2.98, and so that’s why I have this bright new shiny point-to-point PR to look at.

On the run home, I nearly threw up about 3 times, but somehow kept it all down. By the time I reached my apartment, I was legitimately soaked from the rain…and of course, the rain stopped as I was about 25 yards from my apartment building. Fuck running, sometimes.

Dripping wet, post-run

Dripping wet, post-run. Now featuring creepy eye contact.

What I think of running in the rain.

THE CHUG — 12-oz. of Miller Lite in 3.89 seconds

Yeah, that’s what it looks like. I’m not too thrilled with me, either.

With the mile out of the way, the only thing standing between me and the fastest week of my adult life was the chugging portion. Aim high, friends, I know. Once again, we had no light beer in the refrigerator to readily demolish…not wanting to repeat last month’s mistake of buying a 24-oz. Miller Lite like a boxcar hobo, I upgraded my purchase at the corner store to that of at least an alley-dwelling hobo, opting for a burly 40-oz Boggs Lite. I measured out exactly 12-oz. of this swill-water, and made my way to the back porch for the moment of truth:

12-oz. in < 4 seconds. Big, big day for me.

Dad would be so proud. With new PRs set in both runnin’ and chuggin’, I could now focus all of my attention to trying for a new PR at the upcoming United Run for the Zoo 5K on June 3rd, just 3 days later.

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